Wonka Birthday Box

Try saying this five times ; Knickerbocker Birthday Wonka Box!

If you love Snozzberries you will go crazy for this box of goodies. Who can take a rainbow? Wrap it in a sigh – soak it in the sun and make a strawberry lemon pie! Included:

  • 2 x Rainbow Nerd Boxes
  • 3 Wonka Nerd Boxes (Assorted Flavours)
  • 2 Nerd Ropes
  • Fabulicious Sherbert Dip
  • Fabulicious Raspberry Twists

Having a Birthday Party on a Zoom call?

Send boxes to all your guests and they will receive this magic box with fun Zoom games included.

Play Bingo with all your friends.
Open the FREE Bingo Caller page
Simply share your screen, so everyone can see the numbers called.

First one to fill their card….BINGO!

BINGO Caller!

Also Scavenger Hunt!

Find the crazy items on the Scavenger hunt around your home! Last one back to the screen is eliminated!

Scavenger Hunt!

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